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You Should Know Amazon Retail Arbitrage 2022 Guide

Do you want to sell on Amazon but don’t know where to begin or don’t have the funds to launch a private label product? Retail arbitrage is an excellent way to get started. You may begin with as little or as much money as you like, and you can even do it without ever entering a shop!

Arbitrage, or reselling, is the process of taking advantage of a price differential between two or more marketplaces.

The technique of purchasing inexpensive items from shops (including online retailers) to sell on Amazon is known as retail arbitrage in this situation.

A good example of this would be seeing a $5 product at Walmart, buying it, and then reselling it on Amazon for $20. Isn’t it amazing?

Some sellers purchase things they locate online, a practise known as “online arbitrage,” and the technique is similar: buy cheap, sell high (on Amazon).

How does retail arbitrage stack up against Amazon’s other business models?

When you develop your own product label/brand, usually by changing an existing product on the market, it’s known as private labelling. For example, you might make a higher-quality garlic press than one now available on Amazon, have it reproduced from a manufacturer, and brand it with your logo. It’s the most frequent way to sell on Amazon and may be quite successful, but most sellers will need some initial funding.

Wholesale is when you acquire things in large quantities straight from a brand or from wholesalers with excess inventory in order to sell on Amazon, and it also needs start-up capital. This does not include purchasing anything from a shop. Wholesale is a more long-term business strategy since you can replace orders every month and because you are an authorised reseller, you don’t have to worry as much about false claims.


Dropshipping is when you purchase things directly from a manufacturer, who then fulfils the order and sends it to the client.

What are the best ways to find retail arbitrage items to resale on Amazon?

You may start browsing for things after you’ve downloaded the Amazon seller app. A local “big box” shop or discount store is a fantastic place to start.

Products to resale on Amazon may be found at the following stores:






TJ Maxx is a retailer in the United States.


Dick’s Sporting Goods is a store that sells sporting goods.

Dollar General and other dollar shops are good options.

Other convenience shops, such as CVS/Walgreens/Rite Aid



Products to resale on Amazon include:

The following are the top ten Amazon product categories where arbitrage vendors sell:

Home & Kitchen: This is where 47% of arbitrage vendors sell.

Toys and games account for 41% of all sales.

34 percent of the population reads books

Beauty and personal care: 33%

27 percent for groceries and gourmet foods

27 percent of people are concerned about their health, household, and baby.

26 percent of the time is spent in the kitchen and dining room.

25 percent for the baby

25% discount on office supplies

25% off on pet supplies

How to actually put your goods for sale on Amazon is the next stage in reselling things on Amazon. You will not be creating a new listing since this is not a private label product. Simply locate the current listing you wish to sell on and add that ASIN to your Seller Central catalogue.

You’re on your path to becoming an Amazon retail arbitrage vendor!

You may use the Amazon seller app to keep track of your daily sales, handle orders, and alter price if necessary. If you see that your things are starting to sell well, focus on obtaining additional inventory so you can keep selling.

If your items aren’t selling as well as you expected, change your price to increase sales. Remember to format your SKU so that you always know how much you paid!

In a resale company, the key to success is to always be hustling and hunting for new things. Retail arbitrage may be the appropriate business strategy for you if you love the bustle of travelling from shop to store.

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