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Top 5 Categories Products Sell on Amazon FBA in 2022?

Unlike the holiday season, Q1 is when ecommerce sales begin to return to normal — that is, there is no longer a rush of buyers looking to buy Christmas gifts. This is a wonderful time of year to seek for evergreen items that you can offer all year.

While most Amazon categories will do well at this time of year, there are a couple that stand out as the Fresh Year — and new opportunities for customers — approaches.

1. Fitness and Exercise Equipment

Isn’t this one very self-evident? One of the most common New Year’s objectives is to start exercising and getting in shape. It’s a great chance for Amazon vendors to stock up on fitness equipment for folks who made New Year’s resolutions.

2. Sportswear and footwear

These are the sorts of things you should strive to source in the new year if you are ungated in the clothes and shoe area and/or for certain large clothing brands on Amazon. When customers buy exercise equipment, they also buy new training clothing to go to the gym or on a run around town.

3. Beauty and self-care goods

Consumers created additional self-care and beautification regimens throughout the epidemic to improve their personal wellbeing and mental health. Self-care, personal care, mindfulness, and meditation are becoming more popular among brands in this business.

Look for “skincare regimen” on TikTok to show how important self-care is to people’s lives. Content makers and influencers have aided in propelling the culture of self-control into the public, particularly during difficult times.

4. Decorations for a Super Bowl party

Superbowl Sunday is the best day of the year for football enthusiasts. You watch the best of the best vie for the Lombardi Trophy with your friends and family. It’s another potential for ecommerce retailers to profit from a beloved tradition!

This time of year, you may market a variety of things to football lovers. You may design a bundle for buyers that contains goods a host would require for their events, such as cups, napkins, and balloons, as discussed in the previous product suggestion.

5. Products that are in season

If you want to take advantage of some of the seasonal holiday surges outside of Q4, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day are two particular times in Q1 when customers are willing to spend money and go shopping.

The first is all about celebrating love, while the second is all about partying. If you’re a seasoned Amazon seller, you may make a lot of money over these two days.

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